It annoys when you can’t get something right (usually xml/html formatting). After a while, you start questioning basics: did the page actually update or is it still an old version from a wrong folder?

Here’s an easy way to make sure you always look at a fresh version of you blog. The change below also includes a copyright and a link to the owner.

  1. open the “_includes/footer.html” file.
    • if it doesn’t exist yet, you can copy a default version from: minima at GitHub;
  2. scroll towards the end of the file and paste the following text so that the last two div closing tags </div> are behind it:
     <div style="clear:both">
        &copy; <a href="">Copyright owner</a>, Last update: {{ site.time | date: '%b %d, %Y at %H:%M:%S %Z' }}
  3. save the file and check the result with jekyll serve